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Give joy with coupons from Carrosse DeLouis

Giving each other something presents joy - the presenter, but also the giver. Just give it an experience that will not be forgotten - gift vouchers for our fantastic tours.If you need to go fast, you can purchase your voucher online in less than 5 minutes. Following your purchase, you can print and give away the voucher directly. If you do not need the gift certificate immediately, you can also order it via our head office. You will receive the high-quality gift card in the envelope delivered to your desired address. We are happy to send on your request, the gift card also separately directly to the recipient. For your purchase, please use one of the adjacent buttons.The recipient can decide when he wants to drive and for which tour the voucher should be redeemed. For ways to redeem a gift certificate and more information about coupons, see the detailed answers to frequently asked questions below.


"The true gift is not in what is given or done, but in the intention of the giver or Lucius Annaeus Seneca (circa 4 BCE - 65 AD)

Frequently asked questions about "Coupons"

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How long will the vouchers be valid?

Our vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.

But no worry! Our statistics show, however, that most vouchers are redeemed within one year.

How can the vouchers be redeemed?

Each voucher contains a code and the indication of the journey time and the maximum number of passengers. A coupon can be redeemed in three ways.

1. As payment for online booking of a trip

For online bookings, the code can be entered in the payment process. There, the code of the gift certificate is entered in the marked field "Coupon Code". The payment amount is immediately reduced by this amount.

2. Telephone or written order

Our headquarters are happy to personal for a reservation. The order can be made by phone or by e-mail to us. We will collect the necessary information and book the tour.

3. Spontaneously get into our electric carriages

If you love the spontaneity and carry the gift voucher with you, you can also redeem it spontaneously with our chauffeurs. Please bring the voucher with you in the original.

Are the vouchers redeemable on all tours?

Our vouchers can be redeemed on all tours of the respective city and the respective travel time.

If the voucher holder decides for a longer journey, he will be charged the voucher value with the price of his desired tour.

Can I as a buyer of the voucher for the recipient of the voucher redeem?

Your bill will include the belt code. Since each code is awarded only once, you can book and pay for a tour instead of the recipient with this code. This can be done online or by order via our head office. If you spontaneously go for a ride with the chauffeur, we ask for presentation of the original voucher.

Can the vouchers be sent directly to the recipient?

If desired, vouchers also send directly by mail to the recipient. Please contact our head office and leave all necessary information. We are happy to add a cover letter to the voucher. You can tell us the text for the covering letter either by phone or by e-mail. If you order the voucher via the central office and wish this option, voucher and invoice will be sent separately. Please note the necessary postal delivery times for shipping.



How are the vouchers sent?

Shipping E-Mail:
If you want to print the voucher yourself, you can pay by credit card. You will receive your gift certificate immediately after the payment has been completed. The activation of the coupon code takes place immediately with the payment advance.

Within the next 24 hours you will receive an email from us with the offer, this voucher also as a gift card with matching envelope to be sent by mail to your or a desired address.

Shipping method Post:
If you would like to receive the voucher by post, you can do so by e-mail and by phone. Please note the postal delivery time. This can take up to 5 working days in peak periods before holidays.

Are there any refunds on vouchers?

Please understand that we can not take back vouchers. If you are uncertain about the maximum number of passengers or the travel time, always recommend booking the next higher class - then you are on the safe side!

Differences in the voucher value for trips with a smaller number of passengers, for shorter duration tickets or for trips with special prices or promotional prices can not be paid.

Can vouchers also be credited towards other services?

Vouchers can only be redeemed on trips with Carrosse DeLouis electric coaches and in the selected city. They are not a general form of payment.



What information about the value is on the gift certificate?

On the gift certificate next to the coupon code are still the information on the duration of travel, as well as the maximum number of passengers and the period of validity.