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Carrosse DeLouis - the franchise system

Carrosse DeLouis is a service franchising and systems business. This means that a homogenous market is consistently served by all providers of our service - same performance and same quality at the same price. This creates the value of the brand for the customer - he is willing to pay extra for our excellence. And another advantage comes from the system concept: we can deliver our service at significantly lower costs than our competitors.

A franchise system lives from the fact that its success factors in market and competition are implemented as effectively as possible. The know-how, the "how" of the business holds the key to success. If lock and key match up, everyone benefits - franchisors, investors, franchisees, distribution partners and not least the guest!

Our business is launching a number of very innovative components. The vehicle itself and the associated IT systems are a new development. They enable completely new processes in market development, in sales and in the provision of our services. Above all, however, this instrumentation enables top performance at very reasonable costs - an invaluable advantage in the competition for the tourist!

In order to be successful in this environment, you as a franchisee not only have to think entrepreneurially, but have really internalized the idea of ​​service. Consistent entrepreneurial commitment is one of the most important success factors.

Our customers come from all over the world. This requires excellent manners and the mental flexibility to casually deal with different mentalities. And one of the soft factors of success is the support of the private side: depending on the weather, our carriages run in Germany from March to December. In the high season, the booking demand bishinin into the night. A basic question for you should be whether you and your family are ready to work when others celebrate? In the download area you will find a number of checklists to help you with your self-assessment.

You do not buy - you rent and are liquid from the beginning!

You can not buy our carriages. But you do not have to! Because you can become a successful entrepreneur and secure your place in the market without excessive equity and without great risk.

You bring in your entrepreneurial commitment and turn your skills in dealing with customers and passengers into a profitable business. We deliver almost everything you need. The investment brings our partners on the investor side. Our investors are partners in the market companies. Each of these market companies serves a single city with attractive potential. The market company purchases the vehicles and leases them to the franchisees. The better the market is served, the higher the return for all partners involved. The experience from our pilot markets in Berlin and Dresden shows that our approach to the market is accepted and that we can generate attractive returns.

We ourselves deliver the complete business concept including all equipment and resources. We deliver the competence and the clout for marketing and sales. And we make sure that you can offer the passengers the perfect service. Only in this way can we jointly win the market for ourselves and fill this attractive segment permanently. And of course you can become an investor yourself. Then you benefit twice.

Own development of the electric carriages

Unexpected and surprising - in our coach is a lot of high-tech. The electric drive is one of the highlights. Hidden inside the coach, an on-board computer, among other things, does marketing work and registers all important data from the business. We developed our coach completely on our own - almost by accident. After gaining our first experience as a supplementary business for our Dresdner hotel businesses in 2010 with a diesel-powered coach, we decided to take this step. Diesel does not fit into the time, is loud and shy. Horses are expensive, slow and dangerous - and in our opinion they belong to the country, not to the city! Our carriage has to meet tough criteria. For the guest comfort and appearance are in the foreground. But for you as a haulier reliability, safety and ease of use are absolute prerequisites. Then we trimmed the carriage.

The drive system and the control of the electrical system are put together according to our own plans of proven components from well-known manufacturers. Wheels, chassis and bodywork are made by the best craftsmen in their profession. Our suppliers are among the purveyors of the largest European royal houses. Their carriages have been used there for centuries!
Computers, GPS and Internet are integral parts of our carriages. Because this technology forms the backbone of our business model. We use them for marketing, sales and billing in the form of highly integrated and data-backed processes. This ensures the quality of our service to our customers as well as our franchise partners.

The product - close to the customer

In the service of the customer - that is our premise. And that includes the fact that the customer also finds the offers that meet his expectations and expectations. Only: who is our customer and what does he expect? Especially the variety of different customer segments also shows the diverse fields of application and possibilities of Carrosse DeLouis. There is, on the one hand, the city tourist. But: "the" typical tourist does not exist! The range of interests goes from "pure relaxation" to "see everything and experience everything". For each of our target markets, we have developed a corresponding portfolio of interesting tour offers that offers something for every taste, from pure time travel, theme drives and land games. We are always surprised how many locals our customers are: They experience their city with us from a completely different perspective.

The offer also includes associated services with partners, such as a visit to the museum, a wedding, a guided tour or a wine tasting. And we also have a picnic basket for a summer outing in the summer.

Good product - good brand: our franchisees also benefit from this protection

Good products call imitators to the square. To make it a little harder for them, we have protected our good name internationally as a trademark and registered. First of all, Carrosse DeLouis is an art name. The term "Carrosse" comes from the French and means "carriage". "DeLouis" is a synonym for the time when the carriage was not only a nasty means of transportation, but also received special attention as a status symbol.

And that our name and our coach cause positive and emotional associations, has resulted in a market research conducted by us. In the Anglo-American area, as well as for many Asian tourists, the French appearance still stands for exquisite elegance. The francophile recalls memories of the Sun King, whose passion for architecture has brought many tourist attractions to the French.

The trademark rights alone are not enough. With life they are filled in the digital age by domains. We own the most important rights to all top-level domains of our target markets for the brand. And so that our marketing measures can not be attacked in the future, we keep not only the domains for our brand name but also the domains for spellings, by which imitators may want to get on the bandwagon.