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   Electric carriages for scenery & promotion



Electric carriages for scenery & promotion

Our carriages are already movie stars. They are often and gladly booked as an elegant accessory. Topics are versatile and not limited to our primary appeal of "beginning of automobility". The range in the professional area ranges from film productions - example "Kessler's Expedition - with the cab to Neuschwanstein" - to the authentic backdrop in topic-related reports. Well-known stars and entertainers have already been interviewed in our carriages. Carrosse DeLouis also served as a staffage in music clips. And even for multimedia professionals of various "special interest groups" such as steampunk, vintage and history groups, our coaches are welcome motifs.

"Art is the right hand of nature. This has only creatures, those made humans."   Friedrich von Schiller (1759 - 1805)


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Use of the carriages at fairs & promotion

Our carriages are always an eye-catcher and a crowd puller. Therefore, they represent an ideal medium as a projection screen for your marketing messages. According to the motto "think limbic" you transport messages on emotional levels with our carriages: value, historical pride, tradition, status and romance.Appointments at trade fairs and promotions require good planning. For the integration into your event we are with experience to the side. With partner companies we guarantee a safe transport or realize a branding of carriages. So you can focus on organizing your event. We look forward to your ideas - challenge us!

"Who is higher up, knows what is right, knows what will sell." Confucius (551 - 479 BC)

Use & branding of the coach

Since we love our carriages, their integrity is our top priority. Meaning: for hot chases followed by total loss our carriages were not available - sorry 007! Otherwise, we look forward to your ideas and support you in the implementation. We will gladly provide you with the necessary documents or clarify technical questions, for example if documentation is requested from trade fair organizers.

For certain uses of our carriages, the topic of branding is relevant. We are happy to assist you in such matters as well. We work together with proven experts who know our carriages and have already realized a branding several times. These partners know our cabs, know about the effect of different slides and realize an effective transformation professionally and professionally.

 "And that is why the happy ending in the film is usually "abjeblendt"."   Kurt Tucholsky (1890 - 1935)


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Field of application & transport of the carriages

Our carriages can be used for film & promotion orders throughout Germany. Within Berlin, we offer a daily return transport to our permanent establishment during multi-day operations. For missions in the federal territory and a necessary transport, we work together with local partners who ensure a professional and reliable transport.We also support you in matters of on-site shipment and safekeeping. Through our experience, especially in the field of trade fairs, we can support your planning and organization. Talk to us - we have a lot of experience and find suitable solutions for you.

I've never seen a really big businessman deserving to be the main thing.“  Walther Rathenau (1867 - 1922)

The adjacent map shows you the field of application of our electric carriages.